Pre & Postnatal Yoga Classes

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    Pre-Post Natal Pregnancy


    In your current pregnancy have you experienced?

    Morning sicknessSciaticaHeadachesAching groinsDizzinessVaricose veinsConstipationEdemaHeartburnHigh blood pressureBreathlessnessPre-eclampsiaAnemiaBleedingDiabetesDepressionLower back painAnxiety

    If attending Post Natal Yoga:


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    To the best of my knowledge, I have disclosed to my Yoga teacher all information regarding my health in relation to the practice of Yoga during my pregnancy, and during the time following childbirth.

    My Gynecologist/Doctor has approved that I practice yoga at this time

    I understand that this specific and gentle yoga practice is taught by a certified Sri Sri Pre- and Post Natal Yoga teacher who has explained to me the importance of practicing the exercises correctly. I take full responsibility for the outcome of my yoga sessions when practicing on my own. I accept that the teacher is not responsible for any additional yoga practices I choose to do on my own outside the scope of the certified pre- and postnatal program. I agree to adhere to the advice and suggestions of my Gynecologist/ Doctor.

    I Agree With Above

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